Google’s voice assistant leads the digital assistant race, 93% of 800 questions answered correctly

Competition among digital assistants is increasing. According to the annual test report by San Francisco research firm Loop Venture, Google Assistant understands every user’s question better and answers up to 93% correctly. In the matter of answering the questions asked by the smartphone user, Google Assistant has once again won and left behind its competitors Siri and Alexa. In 2018 too, Google was at the forefront with 86%.

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Alexa’s feature is based on third-party apps

  1. The research team asked everyone 800 questions to test the capabilities of digital assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. Out of which Google Assistant gave 93% correct answers while Siri gave 83% and Alexa gave 80% correct answers.
  2. According to another report by Loop Venture, even in July 2018, Google Assistant was ahead of its competitors with 86% correct answers. While Siri was limited to 79% and Alexa 61%.
  3. Testing included Siri based on iOS 12.4, Google Assistant of Google Pixel XL running on Android 9 Pie, and Alexa via the iOS app. It did not include Microsoft’s Cortana.
  4. During the testing, the Google Assistant managed to answer all 800 questions correctly and was included in the list of Top Performers while Siri could not understand the two questions while Alexa gave a wrong answer to one question.
  5. The report revealed that Siri is better for phone-based functions such as call, text, email, calendar, and music. Both Google Assistant and Siri are installed in the phone’s OS.
  6. Alexa works only through third-party apps. Through this, voice messages and other Alex devices can be called while text messages cannot be e-mailed.
  7. According to the report, Alexa is good for commerce questions, while Google Assistant can be asked about features like product and service, for example, any goods can be purchased from where.


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