Government launches new website for lockdown e-pass, people of 17 states will get the facility in 5 languages

The fourth round of lockdown has begun to prevent coronavirus infection in the country. People have to take an e-pass to go from one city to another. The government has launched a new website to apply for the movement pass for travel. This website currently has the facility of applying e-pass for 17 states. Those who want to travel from one state to another for some reason can apply on the new government website.

Can apply in different categories
Not only can you apply for e-pass from this website, but you can also know the status of the e-pass application. According to the guidelines given on the website, these e-passes can be applied under certain travel categories. These include students, essential service providers, tourists, pilgrims, emergency / medical travel, and marriage. Along with all the information you also have to give proof of the reason for the trip. Passing Process?

  • First, go to the website .
  • The website is available in Hindi, English, Telugu, Assamese, and Malayalam.
  • As soon as the website will be open, two options come – apply for e-pass, track your application.
  • Those who have to apply for e-pass will have the option to choose the state.
  • For example, if you are living in Bhopal, then you have to choose Madhya Pradesh.
  • Then another link will be found, by clicking on it you will go to the e-pass page of the state.
  • Mobile number has to be registered, it will be verified through OTP. Then a form will open. There will be some questions. 
  •  Name, address, what work to go to, where to go. You have to fill all this. Some important documents will also have to be submitted.
  • After filling all the information, when you submit the form, then the government official attached to the website will see your application. 
  • Based on that, the decision will be given whether you are given a pass or not. Once the e-pass is created, you will get a message on the phone.
  • Keep a soft/hard copy of the e-pass during the journey. This may be needed.
  • Apart from this, to know at which stage your application is, there is also a ‘Track application’ option on the website.
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