Indians told Alexa every minute – I love you, 8 times how are you asked

Indian Advance is a technology admirer, but he prefers more Artificial Intelligence Alexa than this. In 2019, Indian customers interacted with Alexa millions of times every week. According to statistics, every minute Indians said – Alexa, I love you and Alexa will you marry me? Punish Kumar, India Country Manager of Alexa Experience and Devices, said that Indian users talk to Alexa more than 100 million times every week. This figure is also higher than the US and Britain.

According to news agency ANI, Indian users asked ‘How are you’ 8 times in a minute. At the same time, how should Alexa be asked thrice in a minute. In addition, Indians made the most demand songs from Alexa. A thousand songs were demanded every minute. According to the data, users also take various other information from Alexa. Common questions asked in this are ‘What is the speed of light?’, ‘Why is water wet?’ Questions such as are included.

Those involved with food are also asked
Questions related to food are also being asked by Alexa. Punish told that a thousand questions are being asked daily about the recipe. With the support of Hindi language, now Alexa is also telling a Hindi story every minute. Alexa answers 50 Fact-related questions per minute.

What is Alexa?
Alexa is the digital voice assistant of Amazon. It is used to purchase smartphones and Amazon products. Alexa controls smart-home control gadgets in addition to answering your questions. Such as closing the door and reducing room lighting.

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Sachin Gill

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