NASA introduced a 3D printed model of Space’s house, it will also have a lab and fitness area.

This picture of a cylindrical building is a model house in which humans can live on Mars, Moon or beyond. AI Spacefactree has made it and named it Marsha. NASA started the Mars Habitat Competition in 2016 for this. There were 60 teams in the three phase composition. They were challenged to make models from the software to the house. Marsha is a winner of the competition. For this, the company got a reward of Rs 3.5 crore. Marsha has a window on every floor. Combine all the windows, then the 360 ​​degree view will be visible around.

A case has been filed in Marsha to prevent harsh wind and radiation. Also, to avoid loneliness from being away from the Earth, such lights have been installed, which can give the same light as the earth.

Crores of people will live in Blue Origin’s Space Colony

  • Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin has introduced the design of a self-reliant space colony.
  • According to Bezos millions of people in these space colonies will be able to live easily.
  • Trying to make it to the Earth, so that if someone wants to return, it does not appear to be a problem.
  • The weather for these colonies will always be the same, disasters like rain, storm, earthquake will not come.
  • In these space colonies, cities, agricultural lands and national parks will also be built.
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