Now not only English but users can also talk to Alexa in Hindi and Hinglish

With Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa, users will now be able to talk not only in Hindi but also in Hinglish. The company released a new update on Wednesday, saying that most Indians prefer to speak in Hindi, seeing that we have added Hindi and Hinglish language to Alexa. Along with the new updates, it will also provide details about topics like music, Bollywood, cricket. The company currently has this feature in the Voice Controlled Smart Speaker Echo. To use it, the user has to say with the new Echo device – Alexa, Help Me Setup Hindi.

Alexa made her debut in India in 2017

  • Indian customers already using Echo speakers can select the Hindi language option by going to device settings with the help of Alexa app. Soon users will be able to talk to Alexa in Hindi and Hinglish without changing the settings.
  • With the introduction of the new feature, Alexa will now be able to understand commands like ‘Tell the latest Bollywood songs’, ‘Tell the cricket score’, ‘Hear the voice of the lion’ and ‘Tell yourself about Alexa’.
  • The Hindi language feature in Alexa is also available in Bose’s Smart Speakers range. Brands like Motorola, Mybox, Boat, Portronics, Finger, Sony, iBall and Dish will also release Hindi features in their Alexa devices.
  • According to a 2018 report by International Data Corporation (IDC), Amazon Echo has a market share of 59% in India’s smart speaker market, followed by Google Home with 39%.
  • Alexa made its debut in 2017 in India. After which he started to speak and understand many popular places, names, songs in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Punjabi languages. But after getting new updates, Alexa will fully understand Hindi and Hinglish language and will also answer it.

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