Now the sensor will tell whether the food is bad or not, the price is one and a half rupees; Will fit in mobile

You do not need to smell it to know if the food is bad or not. Now this work will do a sensor, which will be connected to your smartphone. This sensor is eco-friendly as well as cheap. This will save the wastage of packaged food items.

One in three customers in the UK throw away food packets simply because their expiration date is close. Out of this, 42 lakh tonnes of food is such that it could be eaten. This sensor, prepared by Imperial College in London, can detect the quality of packaged food by detecting food spoil ammonia and trimethylamine. This sensor is called ‘paper-based electrical gas sensor’ (PEGS).

The price of the sensor is one and a half rupees

The price of this sensor is also just two cents (about one and a half rupees). The data of this sensor can be read from a smartphone. People just need to bring their phone over the sensor and they will know whether the food concerned is worth eating or not. Researchers have prepared this by printing carbon electrodes into cellulose paper. It is completely eco-friendly and completely poison-free, so it is also safe to put it on top of food packets.

This sensor is more accurate and faster

  • When this sensor was used in the laboratory, it recognized the food spoilage gases very fast. This sensor is not only more accurate and faster than such sensors present in the market, but they are very cheap in terms of price. In the research published in the ACS Sensors Journal, researchers say that it can be used instead of use by date on packaged food with the arrival of this sensor. It will be more accurate and reliable. With this, customers will also be able to get food at a cheaper rate.
  • The head of this research, Dr. Firat Guder, says that this is the only sensor that can be used commercially. People did not even consider use-by date to be reliable and that is probably not the right way. Due to being cheap, their use will not have much effect on the price of the goods concerned.


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