Oppo May Introduce a Rollable Smartphone Soon

Oppo, the Chinese phone manufacturing company, has reportedly applied for a new patent for a rollable smartphone on the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) website. The images seen in the patent application suggest that the main body of the phone will have a bar-shaped design, with the rear cameras and LED flash modules visible on the back panel. The patent was approved on April 14, according to the report.

What to Expect from this Rollable Smartphone?

The rollable phone is seen with the volume rocker and power buttons on the right-side edge of the device, as per the report. The edges are depicted as squared, with a flat front display panel, according to the images cited from the patent. The bottom edge shows that the phone will have a USB Type-C port and the speaker grill located there.

It is likely that the phone will be able to roll out from the right side, but the report adds that it is also possible for the handset to expand on both sides. A specific touchpoint or task will allow the phone to roll, according to the report. Since this is only what is seen in the patent application, it is likely that the commercial phone, if and when launched, may come with notable differences.

Oppo’s Lineup of Foldable Smartphones

Oppo has already launched the Oppo Find N2 Flip and the Oppo Find N2 foldable smartphones in December 2022. Oppo is also expected to launch the Find N3 model, expanding its foldable smartphone range, soon. However, the rollable smartphone, if and when launched, will employ a different technology than the existing foldable devices.

Invisible Front Camera Sensor?

The patent application does not show any front camera sensors in the images seen. It is therefore being speculated that the phone may come with an invisible front camera sensor. This would be a great feature for users who want to take photos without the camera being visible.

It remains to be seen when Oppo will introduce this rollable smartphone. However, the fact that the patent was approved already shows that the company is very close to launching it in the near future.

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