People accused of copying Smartwatch’s designs on Samsung – Imitation of Apple Watch Series 4

Samsung is going to officially launch, it’s Galaxy Watch Active 2 on August 5. Even before launch, Samsung seems to be stuck in allegations of copying the design of SmartWatch. According to the report, after watching the Samsung Active 2 Smartwatch leaked some time ago, many fans said that it looks exactly like Apple Watch Series 4. At the moment Samsung has not launched its officially, so the final product may be different.

Tech Experts said that photos of Samsung Smartwatch Active 2 were leaked to social media a few days earlier. There were two watches in this picture, one of which was the design of the leaves and the other was showing clock dial, date, and other information. Which was much like watching Apple Watch. Samsung will launch its SmartWatch official on August 5

It is expected that the 4GB storage in Galaxy Active 2 can be launched with the Amolade display, like the Apple Daily Gold and Black Color scheme. It can also get many features like Touch Bezel, ECG Support, Fall Detection. It can be launched with a 40 mm with a 1.2-inch screen and 44 mm with a 1.4-inch panel.

Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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