Real-time data of bowling-batting will give information of ball, speed and bounce with a chip

In cricket, after the red ball, white ball, pink ball, now the chip ball is coming. Australian company Kookaburra, which produces balls for international matches, has devised the technology to fit the chip inside the ball. Once the ball is stitched with this chip, the chip will neither come out or damage until the ball is completely torn. The advantage will be that the chip ball will provide real-time data of bowling and batting.

The chip will start showing data only when the bowler is in a position to release the ball. The angle of bowler’s arm rotation, speed of rotation, speed of ball release and height from the ground of the release point, speed of ball hitting the pitch and his speed will be recorded in the chip when the ball reaches the batsman and in real-time Can be seen on the screen. Sportscore, an Australian company working on sports technology, has designed this chip ball with the help of Kookaburra. Sportscore is the company of former Australian fast bowler Michael Kasprowicz. The ball with the chip will divide the data into three parts – release point data, pre bounce data, post bounce data.

This type of ball will be used in the Big Bash T20 League. If the use of chip ball at the level of this league was successful, then it can also be thought of using it at the international level. However, for this, the permission of the ICC will also have to be obtained. It is not that the data that the ball of the chip can give was not available before. This data was available, but not in real-time, after the ball was thrown. Also, it was not completely accurate. The chip ball will deliver data in real-time and be absolutely accurate.

Ben Tattersfield, one of the founding members of a chip-making smart ball company, says- “Never before has this type of experiment been used in cricket.” When viewers get to see the match as well as see real-time data on the screen, the thrill of cricket will increase considerably. Having a chip inside the ball will not affect its behavior.

Stitching is done by placing sensors inside the ball
To make a smart ball ie chip ball, a movement sensor is placed inside the ball before it is stitched. The top is stitched. The sensor is placed inside a rubber frame so that it does not affect the weight, swing, bounce, etc. of the ball.

Smart Ball will show ball data on three stages
The smart ball will show the real-time data of the ball on three stages between the bowler’s hand dropping the ball and hitting the bat. Ball speed, pre-bounce speed and post bounce speed at release. This will help in knowing the position of the ball as well as the pitch.

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