Reliance Jio launches 3 new plans, it will also get 1000 IUC minutes with 2GB data

Reliance Jio has launched its three new plans with IUC Charge. The company has named them All in One Plan. The special feature of this plan is that users will not have to separately top-up the IUC for calling on other networks. These plans are priced at Rs 222, Rs 333 and Rs 444. Customers will also get free data, free roaming, free calling in all these plans. The company is giving 1000 minutes (about 16 hours) for a month to talk on other networks.

Details of Jio’s new plan

PlanValidityDataIUC Mins
22228 Days2GB daily1000 Mins
33356 Days2GB daily1000 Mins
44484 Days2GB daily1000 Mins

All-in-One Feature

  • Customers can easily remember the price of these plans (222, 333, 444)
  • Affordable plans with 2GB data daily with unlimited voice, SMS, apps
  • The company says that they are cheaper by 20-50% than other companies.
  • An additional payment of Rs 111 on the base plan will give 1 month extra service

Cheaper than other companies like this

  • 2GB data daily till the month, other companies are giving Rs 249, while Jio will charge 222 rupees for this.
  • 2GB data daily for two months, other companies are giving 500 rupees, while Jio will charge 333 rupees for this.


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