Robotic contact lenses will be zoomed twice in the blink of an eye, with the movement of the eyes, control happens

Scientists from the University of California, San Diego have developed a robotic soft contact lens that will provide an advanced zoom to the eyes of humans. Not only this, to control it, the user must simply flip his eyes or move the eyes in different directions.

Light signals are produced by blinking

  • Researcher Shengying Kai says that eye movements, such as blinking eyelashes, have the power to give signals. Even when you are in sleep, you have electro-oncologic potential in your eyes. Even when you are not looking at anything, some people are still activating electro-oncologic signals by moving their eyes to the pupils.
  • Keeping this in mind, scientists explored the way to change the focal length of the lens by measuring the electric amps. The study claimed that a lot of soft materials were used in the lens, so the focal length of the lens could be increased to 32%. Changed the focal length by defining the lens. Dye-electric elastomer used to achieve fixed dimension in the experiment.
  • Scientists say that in the future, this technique will be used for the use of eyes, artificial limbs, adjustable glasses, and remote-controlled robots.
  • The robotics lens can zoom in and zoom out by the user twice by blinking. It has five electrodes. The polymer of the lens runs electric charge on the film layer, due to which it spreads and contracts so that the thickness of the lens changes.
  • The scientists of Europe had developed blink-to-zoom 2.8x contact lenses in 2013, but this new lens is capable of recognizing eye movements. It also gives feedback on the movement of the eyes. Apart from double blinking, new lenses can be controlled by looking at different directions.

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