Rolls Royce’s electric plane will break speed records, flying at 480 km per hour

Luxury car maker company Rolls Royce introduced the world’s fastest electric airplane at Gloucestershire Airport, England. This plane with zero-emission and a single passenger has been prepared by the company under its ACCEL project plane. According to the company, it is capable of flying at a speed of 480 km per hour. It can be officially launched in 2020.

It’s electric motor gives 500 horsepower

This plane is part of Rolls Royce’s ACCEL campaign. ACCEL’s vote is ‘Accelerating the Electrification of Flight’ and is a key part of the company’s strategy to succeed in the electrification campaign.

The company has partnered with electric motor and controller manufacturer Yasa and aviation start-up company Electroflite for this project. It has also been funded by the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI).

It has been used as the most powerful battery pack ever used in aircraft. Its strength can be gauged from the fact that it can fly from London to Paris (470 km) in single charging.

It has 6000 cells which are light in weight but quite powerful. Advanced cooling system has been used to keep the batteries cool while flying at high speeds.

Its propellers are powered by three high power density electric motors that rotate at lower rpm than regular blades, allowing it to maintain balance even when flying long distances.

The electric motor, it generates a power of 500 horsepower continuously, which makes it fly at high speed. This electric motor is 90% energy efficient and does not cause pollution at all.

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