Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Not in Development: Phone With Tri-Fold Display May Debut According to Tipster

The latest report suggests that instead of launching a Galaxy S23 FE, Samsung is working on a “Tri-Fold” display device that is likely to debut in 2023. This device will be different from the traditional foldable phones, as it will have three folding parts instead of a single hinge. This is not the first time Samsung has showcased a concept of a tri-fold display. The company has previously released a concept video that showed off a tri-fold display that can be folded into a tablet, a laptop, and a smartphone.

The tri-fold display concept is still in its early stages, and Samsung is yet to confirm the launch date of the device. It is likely that the device will be powered by the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 800-series processor and will run on the latest version of Android. It is expected to be the most premium device in Samsung’s foldable lineup and could be priced much higher than the current Galaxy Fold and Z Fold 2.

Rumors now suggest that Samsung could be working on a device with a Tri-Fold display that will launch this year. According to a recent report by tech journalist Abhijeet Brar, the company is working on two foldable devices, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Galaxy Z Flip 5, which are expected to debut this year. Samsung has already shown off new foldable displays at CES 2022, suggesting that the company is likely to be working on a refined version of the device.

The Tri-Fold display could be a game changer in the foldable market. The display could offer more utility than the current dual-foldable devices available, as it would be able to open up into three distinct panels that can be used for different applications. The device could also feature a 360-degree rotating screen, allowing users to switch between portrait and landscape modes easily.

It remains to be seen whether the rumored Tri-Fold device from Samsung will actually launch this year, but it’s certainly an exciting prospect. With Samsung already leading the foldable market, the Tri-Fold device could be the perfect addition to the Galaxy Z series and could offer a unique experience to users. We can only wait and see if Samsung will make this rumor a reality.

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