Samsung launches the smart camera, bulb and plug, the app will control every corner of the world

To enhance its smartphones platform, South Korean company Samsung has globally introduced a new Smart Camera, Wi-Fi plug and Smart bulb in the US. All these products are available for sale in the US from today. The price of Samsung’s smart product starts at Rs 700. This smart gadget of Samsung will compete in the Amazon and Google Nest smart products in the market. These smart devices will be able to control from any corner of the world through the smartphones app.

How much is cost in the US

  • Samsung has launched a smart bulb, Wi-Fi smart plug and smart camera under the smartphones platform.
  • The price of Smart Bluetooth is Rs 700 while the Wi-Fi smart plug is priced at Rs 1,200. Samsung’s smart camera costs Rs 6,200.
  • These devices are available on Samsung’s official website, Best BuyOutlet and select retailer of US.

Smart Cam can also control the office

  • Samsung’s smartphones platform is the most expensive Smart Smartphone, priced at Rs 6,200. It supports full HD recording and HDR capability. It is capable of recording up to 145-degree view. There is also a two-way audio feature that will allow you to talk to your house and pet at home from the office. It does the best videography at night. It has the ability to identify humans, animals, and trains. It can be controlled with the help of the Smartphones app.
  • The most important feature of the camera is that it does not require any hub to run. It connects to the Wi-Fi at home. If connecting to the hub, there are more features available, like it can be connected to other devices. For example, it can connect to the light that turns off automatic lights when no one is there.
  • Smart Cam comes with a 24-hour free cloud storage backup, which is free for four cameras. Apart from this, Samsung charges 500 rupees per month for eight cameras. It works in smartphones ecosystem, so its video feed can also be seen with smartphones mobile app, Samsung TV app.

The bulb turns on when the door opens

  • Samsung Smartphones is a Smart Blob, a 9 Watt Smart LED Light Bulb. It has 806 lumens rated output. It has voice control support, apart from this, it can be given command through the app.
  • It slows down the automatic light at night. Along with this, the lights open on the door as the door opens.
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