Scientists made smallest wearable device which is thin from credit card, help to avoid skin cancer

Scientists have created a wearable device that is the thinner device than the world’s smallest and credit card ever. With the help of this device, users will be warned if the exposure of ultra-violet rays increases. Ultra-violet rays are the cause of skin cancer. This device can also be used under water because it is completely waterproof.

Now, people do not know how many ultra-violet rays are coming up on them, due to which people can not take care of skin cancer. But this device will give people information about ultra-violet rays.

You can also apply it on the nail: This device is so small that it can be applied on the cap and can be applied on your glasses too. Not only this, people can stick to this device even on their nails. According to scientists, these devices can reduce the risk of skin cancer and sunburn.

Mobile app will tell: This device does not have any type of battery and can be installed easily anywhere. The device is wirelessly connected to the mobile and the UV exposure information will be found on the mobile app. According to scientists, this device can also be worn under water. They have claimed that these devices also use UV exposure in the same way as the water, the way they measure it out.

There is no switch in it: The special thing of this device is that there is no switch or interface of any kind in it. This device is placed inside a thin, transparent layer of plastic that can be pasted anywhere. These devices can record three separate Wavelengths of light (light).

Awareness will also increase with this: Professor Steve Zu of the Northwestern University of America said, “To make accurate measurements of UV rays exposure in the natural environment is very important for technology.” He said, “Hopefully people will get information about UV exposure, and people will be more aware of their health before going out in the sun.”

Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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