The world’s first 5-seater electric flying taxi, speed 300 kilometers per hour

Munich (Germany) based startup company Lillium presented its 5-seater flying taxi in front of the world after successfully testing it. This is the world’s first all-electric flying taxi, which makes vertical take-off and lading. The company says that by 2025, they want to start operating this flying taxi worldwide. This emission will be free, pay-per-ride service.

It has 36 electric jets

  • The company has given its very simple design to Electric Aircraft. The special thing is that there is neither a propeller, nor a tie, nor a gearbox nor has the rubber used in it.
  • Engineers have fit 36 ​​electric jet engines in its wings, with the help of which it enables vertical takeoff and land. After this the horizontal flight fills.
  • It is capable of long distance. Its 300 km per hour of top speed and a single charging capacity of 300 km makes it better than other compatriots.
  • There is no propeller in it. 36 electric jets engaged in its fixed wing design produce the power of 2000 horsepower, but the point is that during the flight it uses only 10% strength.
  • The company wants to launch the on-demand air taxi service by making Lillium Jet. The company is also designing an app on the lines of recovery. The app will allow the user to book a taxi with its landing pad.
Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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