The world’s first electric jet ski waveflyer runs at an altitude above the surface of the water

Australia’s startup company Electro Arrow has designed a special type of jet ski waveflyer. It looks like a common jet ski but not at the water but at a high altitude from the surface of the water. The company says that it is the world’s first electric hydrofoil personal waterdrop, it is much lighter and quieter than a traditional jet ski as well as being more energy-efficient. The company has currently prepared its prototype model which is being worked on.

The company is preparing to patent it. It uses a stabilized twin hydrofoil propulsion system. With the help of which this electric jet ski travels at high altitude as if it is flying. It lasts for 30 minutes in single charging.

It has a lithium-ion battery pack of 2 kWh power. Compared to petrol-powered jet skis, this electric jet ski can carry two people comfortably. It gives a very quiet and smooth ride, as well as being energy efficient, it also does not cause pollution.

The Wave Flyer is being produced under the partnership of the University of Western Australia and the Partha Renewable Energy Vehicle Project, Perth Electro Arrow, and Galaxy Resources. Currently, a prototype model has been prepared, which is being worked on.

Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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