Unlocking Call Screening Magic: Google’s Feature May Soon Extend to More Countries, Including India

Google is poised to bring its call screening feature, known for its utility in managing unknown and spam calls, to a wider global audience. Recent insights from a vigilant Reddit user, u/Yuval17G, suggest that the Pixel Call Screening feature could soon be available in over 10 additional languages and regions, opening up new possibilities for users around the world.

Global Reach in the Pipeline: Currently accessible in select countries, the call screening feature, which transcribes calls for better user understanding, may soon be extended to countries such as India. The expansion plan involves adding support for over 10 languages, breaking down language barriers for a more inclusive experience.

International Experimentation: In an intriguing experiment, the Reddit user enabled the Google Pixel Call Screening feature on a rooted OnePlus 7 running a custom version of Android 14 (AOSPA – Paranoid Android). With some modifications, including the activation of call screening flags, the user successfully downloaded Hindi language packages, showcasing the potential for multilingual support.

Languages on the Horizon: Screenshots shared by the user revealed the addition of English (India) and Hindi (India) to the languages supported by the call screening feature. This discovery suggests that Google may be gearing up to introduce the feature on Pixel smartphones in India in the near future. The post also hinted at successful experiments with a Redmi Note 8, although details were limited.

Anticipated Global Rollout: According to the Reddit post, other languages and regions in the pipeline for potential inclusion in the Pixel Call Screening feature are English (Singapore), French (Belgium and Switzerland), German (Belgium, Austria, Switzerland), Italian (Switzerland and Italy), Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish (US/EE.UU.).

Official Confirmation Awaits: While the Reddit user’s experimentation yielded promising results, it’s crucial to note that Google is yet to make an official announcement regarding the expansion of call screening to new languages and regions. If history is any indication, such updates often arrive as part of a Pixel Feature Drop, with the next one anticipated in March. The coming weeks are likely to unveil more details about Google’s plans to enhance call screening capabilities for a global audience. Stay tuned for an announcement that could transform how Pixel users interact with their smartphones.

Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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