Vitamin Water Company will provide 72 lakh rupees for the purpose of staying away from the phone for a year

It is difficult to think of staying away from the smartphone nowadays. That’s why the American company has come with a single contest, which will be given a prize of 72 lakh rupees for a year away from the phone. Coca-Cola-owned Vitamin Water has started this contest and will have to maintain distance from the phone for a year to participate in it.

No legal contracts, no detective detection

Vitamin Water has also stated the terms and conditions of this contest on its website. The biggest bet for this contest is that it will be forbidden to use the phone for a year. However, during this time you can use computers, laptops or smart devices.
The company says that the winner of this contest will be given a prize of $ 100,000 (Rs. 72 lakhs). Through this contest, the company wants to know whether anyone can live without phone or not?

No legal contract will be signed to participate in this contest, but if you are caught using a phone in the middle of a year, then this will be out of the contests. The company said that people participating in this contest will not be able to use their phones even for 6 months, they will be given 10 thousand dollars (7.20 lakh rupees).
According to the company, the participants in this contest will be subjected to a late-detector test in which the phone will be used or not?

You can take part in this contest:

To participate in this contest, you need to post to Twitter or instagram by typing #nophoneforayear and #contest. This will tell the company that you are participating in this contest.
In addition to participate in this contest, you must also tell why are you leaving the phone? And when you do not use the phone, what will you do in this free time?

Apply before January 8: Apply for this contest before April 8, 2019. The company will finalize the entries by January 22, and the selected people will be contacted through their social media account.

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