Xiaomi is making a smartphone with two displays, its second screen will fit next to the rear quad camera

Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi has recently filed a patent for dual-display smartphones. The special thing is that its second display will be located right next to the quad rear camera. According to the patent, the primary display of the phone will be similar to that of a normal phone, in which ultra-slim bezels will be available. However, the second display size will be the same size as the quad-camera setup and it will be mounted on the back panel.

Penta has also patented foldable phones with pop-up cameras.

  1. According to the report, caller ID and notification alerts can be seen in the secondary display. That too when the phone is placed below the rear display side.
  2. Its other special thing is that no camera will be found in the front of the phone. It can be guessed that the user will be able to take a selfie only with the help of the second display and the quad rear camera.
  3. Recently, the company has patented a foldable phone with five pop-up camera setups. According to its patent, the screen of this foldable phone will open on the outside.
  4. The five cameras found in this foldable phone will work as both rear and front cameras. It can be seen in its sketch that thin bezels and no notch will be found in the phone.
Photo Credit: Tiger Mobiles


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