Xiaomi launched fish tank in 3 thousand rupees. Its light-flitter power bank

Tech company Xiaomi has officially launched its Hitech fish tank in China. Its price is up to 3 thousand rupees. Fishtank will get many special features such as there is no need to change the water, again and again, it is also equipped with Powerbank capability. That is, even after the power cut, the other components including the lights in the tank will continue to work. According to the report, soon it can be launched in other countries including India.

Looking at the launch of Fish Tank, it can be said that in addition to smartphones and electronic products, Xiaomi is rapidly moving towards lifestyle products. Currently, the company’s product portfolio includes home appliances, travel products, smart products, and daily-use products.

Plant can also be planted in it

  • Xiaomi’s fish tank costs up to 3000 rupees. It is currently launched in China.
  • Its specialty is that the user will not have to change the tank water again and again. It will exclude other western materials automatic including nitrate present in it.
  • The user will not have to open the lid of the tank to feed the fish. For this, an adjustment knob has been given in it.
  • This adjustment knob also helps to keep the oxygen level maintained in the tank. Most importantly, a plant can also be planted in it.
  • In this, the company has used the siphon principle. With the help of which it provides the nutrition of the plant.
  • Although electricity is required to operate it, in the event of an emergency or light, it can also be run from a power bank.
  • Changing the water from the tank is also very easy. It has a one-button design. The user can empty the tank with the help of this button.
  • The four-stage filtration process has been used in this. Which includes Volcanic Stone, Magnetic Ring Stone.
  • Activated carbon has also been used in it, which eliminates bacteria present in water. Upper flitter cloth and biochemical cotton have also been used for flotation.


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