Xiaomi making foldable phone! Show in a Video

Samsung introduced the concept model of its failed phone Galaxy F in November last year. Now a leaked video has surfaced. This leaked video is being reported to the triple fold phone of Xiaomi. This video has been shared by Evan Blass (@evleaks) on Twitter, in which Xiaomi’s alleged full functional Super Flexible screen is shown.

The phone’s icon matches exactly with the MIUI of Xiaomi
This 19-second video first appears in a big tablet, after which it gets folded into a phone. The icons given in this phone meet the MIUI exactly at Xiaomi. However, this video is slightly dark and its brand is not detected. In Samsung’s Foldable Phone where 2 displays were shown. At the same time, a large Flexible display has been shown in this alleged Felxible phone in Xiaomi. The screen of this foldable phone is divided into three parts. You can bend the right and left portion of this phone backwards. After turning, this phone looks compact.

All apps are adjusted in single screen
However, Evan Blass, who shares this video on Twitter, has not been able to validate its credentials. The version of a mapping app is shown in the video. It spans the entire screen, but as soon as the phone folds, all the apps adjust to a single screen. This concept is completely different from Samsung’s Galaxy F.

Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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