Zomato bought Tech Eagle, will start soon with food delivery from the drone

Food delivery company Zomato has bought Lucknow based Tech Eagle. Tech Eagle is a startup company and has been working to make the drone for the last few years. However, no information has been received about what Zomato has bought for this company. It is being told that this is going to make Zomato tremendous changes in the way food is delivered in India. Zomato said that this acquisition would start the company from the multi-rotor drone in the country. It is considered to be a revolutionary step in itself.

Tech Eagle Company, started by Vikram Singh Meena in the year 2015, has been working to make Ariel Unmanned Vehicle for a long time and its prime focus is on making custom made drones, which weighs up to 5 kilograms from one place to another. Could.

Zomato Co-founder and CEO Dipinder Goyal said, “Our first target is to design multi-rotor drones which can easily deliver the weight of up to 5 kilos.” At present, 65% of Zomato comes from Revenue Food Delivery Business, 35% in January this year. The company claimed that in October 2018, it crossed more than 2 million orders, which was only 35 lakh in January.

Along with that, Zomato had announced last week that he is going to launch online order and food delivery service in 30 more cities of India in the coming weeks. After this, Zomato will enter the total of 93 cities. At the same time the company says that he is thinking of increasing this number to 100 soon.

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Sachin Gill

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