Apple banned the online purchase of iPhone, customers will not be able to buy more than two iPhones of one model

The increasing influence of Coronavirus is also being seen on the production and sales of iPhone. Apple has already closed many of its stores and manufacturing units due to Corona. Now the company has banned online shopping of iPhone. Under this, customers will no longer be able to shop more than two iPhones of one model online. However, more than two iPhones of different models can be purchased. Currently, this limit has been applied to many countries including the US and China. The new limit has come into effect from Friday.

Purchase limit was imposed for the first time in 2007
Apple first introduced a shopping limit in 2007 after the iPhone was introduced in the market. Apple took this step with a view to stop reselling iPhone. In many countries, customers are being prevented from purchasing more than two iPhones of the same model through a drop-down menu on Apple’s website. This shopping limit is applied to all models of the iPhone. Messages are being sent to customers through iPhone listings primarily in China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore that they cannot purchase more than two iPhone devices each order. However, the company has not yet responded to this. This buying limit has been imposed due to Coronavirus disrupting sales, supply chain and weak demand.

Apple closed all stores in China
After the rapid spread of Coronavirus in China, Apple closed all its physical stores. On March 13, these stores have reopened. Foxconn is Apple’s most important producing partner in China. Its production has also been affected due to corona. However, Foxconn founder Terry Gau says that production is now completely back to normal.

CEO Tim Cook has expressed fears of loss
Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote a letter to investors in February warning that the company could fall behind its revenue targets in the calendar year 2020 due to Corona. Production has now fully commenced in China but the company is facing a shortage in demand due to the closure of stores in other countries.

Walmart will recruit 1.5 lakh employees in America
In view of the increasing number of customer stores in the US due to Coronavirus, retail company Walmart plans to recruit 1.5 lakh employees. Earlier, Walmart’s main rival,, announced the hiring of 1 lakh warehouse and delivery workers. This decision was taken by Amazon in view of increased online orders in the US due to Coronavirus.

Infection and 10,035 deaths in 179 countries.
Coronavirus engulfed 179 countries by Friday morning. So far 10,035 people have died. 2 lakh 44 thousand 979 cases have been confirmed. There is news of relief that 87 thousand 408 patients were also healthy during this period. The situation in China from which the Corona transition started is now under control, but the situation in the European country Italy is appalling. As of Friday morning, the death toll in China was 3,245, while in Italy, 3,405 infected people died in the same period. On the other hand, the statement from the Government of Iran increased the concern of the world. Iran’s Health Department said- An infected is dying every 10 minutes in the country and a new case is coming out every 50 minutes. As of Thursday, 453 were found infected in Pakistan. Two have died. America is now going to field the army.

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