Bought 93,000 iPhone 11 Pro from e-commerce site in Bengaluru, the company sent three-camera sticker on the phone

Rajinikanth Kushwaha, who lives in Bengaluru, found it expensive to buy from an e-commerce site. Kushwaha ordered Apple’s latest smartphone iPhone 11 Pro from the country’s largest e-commerce company Flipkart. After a long wait, when the phone was divorced from him, he opened his senses as soon as he opened the box. The box contained a fake phone on which the sticker of the triple rear camera of the iPhone 11 Pro was affixed. Kushwaha told me that he has already made full payment for the phone. He said that third-party companies that sell their products through Flipkart may have done such negligence.

What is the whole matter

Rajinikanth Kushwaha, who lives in Bengaluru, booked the iPhone 11 Pro worth Rs 93,900 from Flipkart. After waiting impatiently for several days, as soon as he opened the delivered box, he was blown away after seeing the phone inside. Inside the box was an iPhone-like fake phone that looked like the iPhone XS, but was not actually an iPhone. It was working on a different operating system, with many Android apps pre-loaded. Not only this, the sticker of the triple rear camera found in the iPhone 11 Pro was affixed to it. However, Flipkart assured that they would soon replace it.

There have been many such frauds in the past too

This is not the first time that customers have been cheated on getting goods from Flipkart. A few days ago Vishnu Suresh, a resident of Kannur, also faced this situation. Suresh ordered a camera of 28 thousand rupees from Flipkart but in return, he was delivered with the tiles in the box. The user manual guide and warranty card of the camera was also found with the tiles in the box.
An engineer based in Mumbai ordered an Apple iPhone 8 from Flipkart but was instead given a soap. At the same time last year, when a customer named Nakula got the iPhone XS Max from Flipkart, the phone that came out of his box came out.

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