Boycott China Effect: Micromax will soon return to the smartphone market, will launch three new smartphones

Indian smartphone company Micromax is going to make a comeback in the market soon. The company is planning to launch three new smartphones in India, including a budget phone with premium features and a modern look. The company gave its information via Twitter. Micromax launched its last smartphone iOne Note in October last year, which was priced at Rs 8199.
According to the report, work is being done fast on the launch, and all three phones will be launched simultaneously. It is expected that the company can launch its new smartphone in the market next month. All smartphones will be available for less than Rs 10,000.

The company’s official tweet
told about Micromax’s withdrawal plans on Twitter. Micromax responded to the user to create an alternative to the Chinese phone and tweeted that – “We are working hard internally and soon we will do something big. Stay tuned with us! “In a separate tweet, the company said that they are developing new devices with premium features that will also be a modern look and budget-friendly. In the tweet, the company has used the hashtags #MadeByIndian and #MadeForIndian However, the company is not saying that they are manufacturing their new smartphones in India or outsourcing from the manufacturer in China.

The company has set a record in selling rebranded Chinese phones.

It is also important to know that Micromax has a record of selling rebranded Chinese phones. In December 2014, co-founder Rahul Sharma founded a sub-brand called U Telework, which initially brought rebranded phones from Shenzhen-based vendor Coolpad. Coolpad later entered the Indian market to sell its models independently.

Difficulties will come back – Expert
Navkendra Singh Director, Devices and Ecosystems, India and South Asia, IDC said that Micromax can definitely try to make a comeback in this time. However, it will be very difficult and full of challenges. Not only Micromax but many new brands are also trying to enter India’s highly complex but organized smartphone market. Singh said that the market is now very limited, with the top five brands holding more than 75 percent of the market, which will make the return of Micromax difficult.

Micromax has ruled the market Micromax
was a major domestic player in the mobile phone market in India. The Gurugram based company became the 10th largest smartphone company in the world in the third quarter of 2014. However, it has lost its hold in the market following the expansion of several Chinese companies including Xiaomi in India.
In 2018, Micromax launched Infiniti N11 and Infiniti N12 as its two new smartphone models. Last year, only one model Micromax iOne Note was launched, which started selling in the country in October.

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