Indian brands like Micromax, Lava, Karbonn, Intex set to return; Hope to gain from the opposition of Chinese products

The campaign to boycott Chinese products is increasing in the country. The government has also planned to increase import duty on more than 300 Chinese products. In such a situation, many Indian companies are once again preparing for a comeback. The government is also making new plans to promote local products.

In response to a Twitter user on Thursday ready to return Micromax, Micromax tweeted that she is coming with something soon. #VocalForLocal is happy to see your support. We are working hard and will bring something big soon. The company also said that it plans to launch three new smartphones in India, including budget phones with premium features and modern looks.

Lava is also
planning to make a comeback in the Indian market, along with Micromax. Lava International product head Tejendar Singh said that the company is ready for a new launch in the coming days. “We are currently remodeling the portfolio for feature phones with smartphones as well. In the next few months we will be meeting the needs of every Indian from our portfolio,” he said.

Karbonn and Intex will also return
According to an official associated with an Indian smartphone brand, almost all Indian companies associated with this industry are planning to launch. The official said that brands like Karbonn and Intex also want to launch new smartphones in the coming months. Shashin Devasare, executive director of Karbonn Mobile, said that the company is working on entry and mid-level smartphones.

The government scheme will benefit in
this case, an official said that it is only a coincidence to take advantage of anti-China sentiments, as all these schemes only work for some time. The Government of India has recently announced three new schemes to promote electronic manufacturing, and said it will select five ‘Indian campaigns’ for the Production-Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme.

Singh of Lava said that with the encouragement of the government, especially in the PLI scheme, we are focusing more on design and looking forward to invest more in smartphones. We hope that we will be able to repeat our success in the smartphone and feature phone category again.

Samsung’s share rose,
a national smartphone retailer said that anti-China sentiments would help local brands. People are actually avoiding buying Chinese smartphones. For the first time in so many months, my smartphone share for Samsung has increased substantially compared to Vivo and other Chinese companies.

Chinese phones ahead in cheaper options
However, the retailer said that Chinese brands are still far away from any trouble, as customers try to get away from them, their options are still very limited. Samsung and Motorola are options that are generally higher priced phones than Chinese smartphones. In such a case, the entry of an Indian brand can give competition to Chinese companies.

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