Report: Huawei selling 1 million foldable Mate x smartphones every month

China’s giant telecom and mobile company Huawei (Huawei) is selling one million units of its foldable Mate x (Mate X) smartphone every month. This information was given in media reports. Let us know that while the sale of Samsung Foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold (Galaxy Fold) started in South Korea in September last year, the sale of Mate x in China started in mid-November.

According to an Android Central report, the Mate x has been on sale in China for two months, which means that Huawei has sold nearly two lakh foldable devices so far. This figure is not that bad when it is being sold in just one market.

For information, know that Mate x is being sold only in China. It costs 16,999 yuan, or about $ 2,400. In this case, it is very expensive than Samsung’s Galaxy Fold.

Leading the foldable race
Huawei and its South Korean rival Samsung Samsung were at the forefront of making foldable smartphones in early 2019. The Huawei Mate x, first introduced at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019, was actually to be launched in July last year.

This problem came
But after Samsung delayed the launch of Galaxy Fold due to screens and other reasons, Huawei extended its launch to November to improve and improve its foldable screen.

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