Samsung working on great feature, To fight with Google and OnePlus

South Korea’s company Samsung is working on a low-light camera mode these days. This new feature will be known as ‘Bright Night’, through which the users will be able to take better pictures even in low light.

According to the XDA Developers website, this low light mode of Samsung will be offered in its new smartphone Galaxy S10. While OnePlus has already introduced similar features through its ‘NightScape’ and Google’s ‘Night Sight’, the ‘Night Mode’ feature has also been observed in Huawei’s smartphone.

It is clear, therefore, that this feature of Samsung will be confronted by the features of the smartphone of Google, Huawei and OnePlus. Now it will be interesting to see which of these would be better. Although Samsung has not made any official announcement of this feature, it is clearly known about the code of the latest version of the Forest UI.

Now that the company has not provided any information about this yet, we can hope that this feature will work as we have already seen in Hoaweve, OnePlus and Google Pixels 3XL. There is speculation that with this new feature Galaxy S10 will be introduced in MWC 2019.


Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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