ICY Antarctica on Wednesday set new heat records with a temperature of 18.3 C

Temperatures in northern Antarctica declined by about 18.3 degrees Celsius, which is known for heat, snow, and penguins on the continent.

The readings were taken on an Argentina research basis on Thursday and still need to be verified by the World Meteorological Organization.

“Everything we have seen so far represents a potentially valid record,” it said in a statement. He said he is waiting for full data to confirm.

The research base, called Operanza, sits on a peninsula that extends towards the southern tip of South America. According to the World Meteorological Organization, the peninsula has become quite hot in the last half century.

Cerveny said that because of the unusually high temperatures, in the short term, the air coming down the slope of the mountain was likely to be rapidly heated.

The previous record of 17.5 C was set in March 2015.

Climate change is heating up Antarctica and the Arctic – the Earth’s polar regions – faster than other areas of the planet.

According to an annual report published in December by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Arctic is more than twice as hot as the rest of the world. There is no uniform annual report for Antarctica.

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