Google Pixel Fold: Early Users Report Display Issues

User Claims Pixel Fold Died After Four Days of Use

Google‘s highly anticipated Pixel Fold foldable device went on sale today in select markets. However, an early user who had the opportunity to test the handset claims that it experienced a significant issue after just four days of use. While it’s too early to determine if this is an isolated incident or a widespread problem, as there have been only a few reported cases so far, it raises concerns for potential buyers.

Display Damage Due to Gapless Design

The problematic Pixel Fold belongs to Ron Amadeo from Arstechnica, who shed light on a potential design flaw. According to Amadeo, the phone’s gapless design can lead to damage when dust particles or debris become trapped between the two halves of the device. Despite minimal usage, with the phone mainly resting on a desk, Amadeo observed damage to the inner folding display. The issue started with the first 10 rows of pixels dying out at the bottom edge, followed by the unresponsive bottom half of the display and, eventually, the rest of the screen.

Flat Folding Design and Dust Particles

Amadeo’s findings suggest that the flat folding design, coupled with the near-gapless inner display layout and bezels, may be the root cause of the issue. When a dust particle becomes trapped between the two halves of the inner plastic protective layer, the limited tolerance allows little room for movement. As a result, the flexible ultra-thin-glass (UTG) protective layer becomes crucial in preventing dents or scratches when trapped.

Additional Reports of Display Vulnerability

The Verge’s review of the Pixel Fold also highlighted the ease with which the inner folding display can get scratched. The reviewer also mentioned a colleague’s device experiencing chipped inner display bezels. While these instances appear to validate the concerns, it remains unclear whether they are limited to review units or indicative of a widespread design defect that could pose a significant problem for Google.

Customer Feedback and Google’s Response

As customers begin receiving and using their Pixel Fold devices, it remains to be seen if more users encounter similar issues and voice their concerns. It is crucial for Google to address the durability concerns promptly. Gadgets 360 has reached out to Google for comment on the Pixel Fold’s durability but has not yet received a response. It’s worth noting that the Pixel Fold has only been officially released in select markets and is not available in India at this time.

Despite the early setbacks, it is hoped that Google will be able to address any potential design flaws and provide a satisfying experience for its customers with the Pixel Fold.

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