Bharti Airtel launches 4G and 2G services in 26 villages of Ladakh

Telecom operator Bharti Airtel today launched its high-speed 4G and 2G services in 26 villages of Ladakh. With this launch, Airtel has deepened the deployment of its All India 4G network. Telco also confirmed that it is the first operator to bring high-speed mobile broadband to these 26 villages and provide them with digital connectivity. To recall, Bharti Airtel was the first operator to launch 4G services in December 2017 in Leh, Kargil and Dras in Ladakh. The expansion marks the second anniversary of the launch of 4G services in the region by Airtel. Providing 4G services in the Ladakh region is not an easy task, but Airtel is actively increasing service availability in these locations.

Airtel expanded network availability in Ladakh region

As part of Project Leap, Bharti Airtel is expanding 4G network at various locations. In 2017, it was the first operator to bring 4G services to Ladakh as part of a single project. For two years now, Airtel has been working hard to expand network availability in remote areas. The 4G and 2G services to be launched in 26 villages of Ladakh will allow the citizens of the region to experience high-speed data services for the first time.

This launch underscores the efforts of network teams of Airtel to empower the citizens of these villages to overcome the harsh weather and difficult terrain in the region, which is 150 km from Kargil-Batalik-Hanuthang-Skuruchan-Khalsi Are spread over a distance. Bharti Airtel in a press statement.

After this launch, the locals, army and tourists visiting the following places/villages of Kargil and Leh in Ladakh are now sent to Bayama, Apati, Derchik, Lalung, Achmal, Barchi, Lamusando, Yogmakharbu, Sanjak, Silmo, Garcon, Airtel Will enjoy 4G services. , Oblatak, Kultse, Skur Buchan, Damkhar, Dah, Tia, Leido, Takamchik, Skinding, Hemis Shyok Pachan, Achinathang, Dragu, Garcon, Battalik and Hanuthang.

Manu Sood, Hub CEO – Upper North, Bharti Airtel, said, “This is a New Year gift from Airtel to the people of Ladakh. We are happy to have thousands of local people in Ladakh with the launch of our 4G and 2G services and bringing 26 new villages to 4G on the world map. We are committed to the Government’s Digital India vision and will continue to invest in Ladakh. “

In addition, Airtel’s 4G services will provide a major boost to the local community and enable local residents to download and upload better quality videos.

Project Leap – Airtel’s network expansion program

In 2015, just before Reliance Jio’s entry into the Indian telecom market, Airtel announced a new network expansion called ‘Project Leap’. The project has informed its customers about the entire mobile network of Airtel through an online interface and this online portal. Airtel is still available to customers on the Thank You app and website.

Telco not only opened up its network available to customers but also focused on the project to expand network availability based on feedback from customers. Airtel is also deploying various small cells, indoor solutions and other network solutions to further increase coverage. The launch of high-speed 4G services in remote areas is also part of the Airtel Project Leap. Bharti Airtel is currently rolling out VoWi-Fi service to users in various areas to avoid the hassle of call drops.

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