India’s ranking slips to 121st in mobile data speed in April 2019

US speed company, Ookla, has released the SpeedTest Global Index report for April 2019. According to this report, India is ranked 68th globally in broadband speed, but its ranking has decreased to 121 in the mobile data speed. Broadband’s average download speed in India is 29.25 Mbps. At the same time, the average speed of internet speed in mobile has reached 10.71 Mbps. At the beginning of 2018, India was ranked 67th in broadband speed and 109th in mobile internet speed.

Fastest mobile internet speed in Norway

According to the report released by Ookla, Norway is at the top in terms of mobile internet speed. Here, the average internet speed of mobile internet is 65.41 Mbps. At the same time, Singapore is in first place in broadband speed. Here the average broadband download speed is 197.50 Mbps.

Challenges from geography and population in India

Doug Sutle, co-founder and general manager of Ookla , said, “The network is a very complex entity, its performance is affected by everything, from physical infrastructure to geographical regions, India’s larger geographical size and population both have Internet speed There is a challenge for this: At this time a large number of people are using the internet in the country, in this way, network consumption and Internet speed slow. This is also a big reason to be. “

Ookla is computing Internet Speed ​​every month on SpeedTest Global Indicator worldwide. The data received from the index meets millions of users who test the speed of the internet every month. Let us know that this Ucal has 40 million or more than 4 million active users in India. Who perform more than 8 lakh speed tests every day.

Ookla was built in 2006.

Based on Ookla, Network Intelligence, Testing Application and Technology, the world’s largest mobile and broadband data speed test is in the world. On the Utica platform, more than 10 million daily active users of 10 million active users do the test. The company was founded in 2006, since then so far 20 billion, that is, more than 2000 crores have been speed tested.


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