Reliance Jio offered the cheapest recharge in terms of data with a savings of Rs 150.

The new tariff hike has made every customer aware of how much they will spend on their prepaid recharge from now on. Two existing telecom operators Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea have already introduced their new prepaid recharge which comes with increased prices and capped benefits. However, till now only the telecom operators have kept their plan with Reliance Jio with increased prices. The Mukesh Ambani-led telecom operator is lagging behind in its rollout of the new plans by three days, allowing people to recharge with longer-term plans or to stop their recharge before the tariff increases. However, one thing to note about the tariff hike on Reliance Jio prepaid recharge and that is that even with the increase on these recharge, these plans will provide better benefits to the customers in one way or the other. To see how true this is for Reliance Jio’s new plans, we decided to compare it. Here’s how the new Reliance Jio plan compares to the new telecom.

Reliance Jio offer lower prices for similar data

First, let’s talk about plans that come with a month’s validity. Reliance Jio is offering 1.5GB data plan to Jio users daily, which costs Rs 199. However, other telecom, Airtel and Vodafone Idea are giving the same data limit on their plans of Rs 248 and Rs 249 per month. Similarly, there is a slight difference in the 2GB per day plan as well. While in this case the Reliance Jio plan will be available at Rs 249 per month, while the incumbents are charging Rs 298 and Rs 299 every month. The 3GB per day plan will also have a difference of around Rs 50, with Reliance Jio offering it for Rs 349 and other telecoms charging around Rs 400.

The trend continues for schemes that come with greater validity. For example, in the case of a period of three months with plans coming in for validity of 84 months or 90 days. In this case, Reliance Jio offers 1.5GB daily data plan for Rs 555, while Airtel and Vodafone Idea are offering comparable data benefits at Rs 598 and Rs 599 respectively. For the 2GB daily data limit scheme in this validity period, customers will have to pay Rs 599 in case of Reliance Jio and Rs 698 and Rs 699 respectively for Airtel and Vodafone Idea.

Data is cheap but not calling

Therefore, there is no doubt that telecom consumers will enjoy better data rates on Reliance Jio as compared to all other private telecom operators. Reliance Jio has been the go-to option for people looking for more data with lower prices, and Telco is still living up to the hype. Although data is something that will cost less for customers, customers will still need to note that the calling facility will be something for which they will have to bear the cost in case of Reliance Jio.

All-in-one plan solutions are

While other incumbents are charging slightly higher fees for these plans, they also come with 1000 minutes of off-net calling in the case of monthly plans and 3000 minutes of off-net calling in the case of three monthly plans. But, this is not the case with Reliance Jio as Telco asks users to get a new separate IUC talk time voucher with its data plan. But, if the scheme is an all-in-one scheme, customers will not have to obtain a separate IUC talk time voucher. So, if more data is what you want to take, then recharging your Reliance Jio number with some of these plans would be the right call.

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