Tata Sky, Technicolor partner to shift set-top box manufacturing to India

Tata Sky is transferring a significant portion of its set-top box sourcing to India, the company said in a statement. The company has tied up with Technicolor to develop a set-top box for the Indian market to be manufactured and distributed within the country. Since set-up boxes will be made locally, it is likely that set-top box prices will be reduced, which will benefit customers. “Make in India” has gained significant traction over the past few months, particularly with the increasing anti-China sentiments for the recent border conflict between the two countries. The company, however, cited the change as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Tata Sky MD and CEO, Harit Nagpal said in an official release that Tata Sky and Technicolor will be producing the group of set-top boxes in India in early 2021. He said the move is coming at a time when the world is adjusting to the rapid changes that are emerging in light of the effects of the coronovirus epidemic.

Changes in production and supply chain operations will, according to the two companies, streamline the manufacture and distribution of STBs to consumers in India.

Tata Sky’s decision to tie up with Technicolor to build a locally set-up box comes at a critical time; Many companies are trying to make changes to manufacture products locally. The move will further the ambition of Make in India, though as per the company’s official release, only a portion of the sourcing will be transferred to India.

Luis Martinez-Amago, president of Technicolor Connected Homes, said Technicolor’s flexible and adaptable supply chain is particularly valuable in unstable conditions such as those made by COVID-19.

“Our supply chain capabilities have proved to be a strategic asset as we offer our customers many choices. We are committed to reducing risk and total cost of ownership for service providers worldwide.

Tata Sky currently offers four set-top boxes in India. Tata Sky Binge Pack is available for Rs. 3,999, and Tata Sky + HD box is priced at Rs. 4,999. Both HD set-top boxes and SD set-top boxes are available for Rs. 1,499 each.

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