List of Top 10 websites in the world, Google no. 1, Instagram is seen more than Pornhub

About 58% of the world population is using 4.4 billion people. In such a situation, similarWeb, the website describing the statistics, has told about the sites most users use.

Google is at number one with big difference

top 10 website

Most people use Google

According to this chart, the giant tech company Google is at number one with a big difference. In May, 67.16 billion non-unique visits took place on Google. Google has the same YouTube as the second number. On the third there is Facebook. Yahoo is at number five, not less than a surprise.

Only the website has data, not the app
The data provided here is just for website visits. The app is not included in it. For this reason, Instagram is at number 10 on this list. The desktop version of Instagram is not very much liked. The app is used only. China’s only website is on the top because most of the users also use the internet through mobile apps.

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