Android users will get ‘Lights off’ feature, the phone battery backup will grow on twitter

Twitter is going to add a dark mode feature soon. This feature has been named ‘Lights Off’. Twitter’s VP of Design and Research Dantley Davis told on his official Twitter handle that the new True Dark mode will be called ‘Lights Off’ and it will be launched in the first two weeks of September. According to the company, this feature will be released for Android users first. Later it will be released on iOS

Davis’s tweet

He tweeted, “Android users: ‘Lights Out mode’ is coming for Android and will come in mid-September. Now return to their regular scheduling programming.”

Benefits of ‘Lights Off’ Feature

These features will work as a dark mode. In such a situation, users who use Twitter in the dark will be safe. With this, the backup of the phone’s battery will increase. The smartphone or tablet in which the OLED display screen is given, these modes off the pixels, thus reducing the power consumption of the smartphone.


Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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