Apple Preparing to challenge Netflix and Amazon Prime on March 25, launching video streaming and online TV service

Tech company Apple can launch television and video streaming service at Steve Jobs Theater on March 25. The company has not given the name of the event in the invitation of the date issued to the media. In the invitation letter, Apple has just written one line ‘It’s Show Time’ about the event. According to experts, it will be Apple’s first such event in which any hardware will focus on services instead.

The news came in October last year that Apple could offer streaming service in the first half of 2019. Then Apple had asked its content partners to be ready for launch in mid-April. Therefore, it is speculation that there may be a big announcement about this in the event on March 25. According to experts, Apple will tell about its streaming service at this event. It is possible that customers should make this service available in the middle of April.

TV service can start to increase revenue
Apple had long ago indicated that he was planning to bring the video service. The company had said that it would spend $ 2 billion (about 14 thousand crore rupees) on preparing its content. There was talk of signing many stars like Oprah Winfrey for this. Also the content of CBS Corp, Viacom, Lion Gates Entertainment can also be available on its platform. Apple TV service will be launched all over the world. This step is being taken to challenge Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. For the first time in January, sales of the iPhone were down in the world. Since then, Apple’s investors are focusing on television service to increase revenue.

Mobile gaming service is also ready to launch
Apple is also planning to offer subscription-based gaming service. Microsoft and Sony are big players in console gaming. Microsoft is ahead in PC gaming too. But mobile gaming is an area in which there are very many possibilities. Apple’s focus is only on mobile gaming.

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