Google shutdown Allo in just two and a half years, the third major service to close after the Orkut and Google Plus

Google’s instant messaging ‘Allo’ launched in September 2016 closed within 30 months. On March 12, the company said it was completely goodbye. Designed to improve the chats, there were features like Google Assistant and Self Steakers, smart reply and desktop support, but due to the lack of users, the company decided to shut it down. The company had stopped investing in it quite a while ago. The company said that it will now be done to improve Android Messaging app only.

Focus will now remain on the default messaging app

  1. Google said in his blog that “For every Android user to get a good messaging experience, we are working on the default messaging app. We are working closely with the mobile industry to upgrade SMS so that users can share photos in addition to group chat on their Android device.
  2. Google had already told that the all-app will work till March 2019 but after that it will be completely shut down. Google advised all Ailey users to export their chat history before the app closes.
  3. According to Google’s blog post, 17.50 million users worldwide use Android messaging service every month and that is why the company is working with 40 network carriers and mobile companies to upgrade the messaging service.
  4. Indeed, Google’s Aloe App did not perform as expected, so the company has decided to shut it down. The company says that continuous new features will be added to upgrade the Android Message platform.
Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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