Keep Documents in Digital Locker, you will be there with the necessary documents.

Digilocker is a safe from which a person can access and share his documents anywhere, anytime. Many government departments can issue documents directly in the digital book.

These 4 Steps to Store and Access

  • You can download the Government of India’s Digital App from Smartphone’s App Store. When you open it, you will see the sign-in and sign-up options on the screen. You must sign up to create an account. Just like create an e-mail account.
  • After deciding the username and password, enter the base number and proceed. Then, by adding OTP for verification, please continue. On your screen as soon as possible, there will be a list of documents issued by the government such as Aadhaar card, LPG subscription voucher.
  • If you back, then the folder will be on the screen. The upload will be the sign of upload, which will allow you to attach your documents to a smartphone or save it in a file or app. They can be moved to the document and my certificates or new folders.
  • When you go to the menu option, you will also see the code of the QR code scanner, in addition to the upload document, the issue document, profile and about the other. With the scanner, you check the authenticity of the documents available through the digitalizer.

What are the advantages

  • Securing documents on the digitalizer also means that you do not have to physically carry them together.
  • The verification of documents uploaded by Resident (us) hereby is certified by the concerned department. To increase their credentials, we can also e-signature on them.
  • They want to present the request (the institution where the documents are sought), they can get them online.
  • You can also share your e-document link via e-mail with any registered requester.
  • The resident wants to send the issuer (issuing department) directly to his designation.

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