Making an app to understand the wife, the company said – women’s brains make things different

A Japanese company has developed an app to know the behavior of the wives. The motive was to increase the involvement of both parents in the upbringing of small children. But on the website created for the promotion of the app, husbands were given such advice, that people started feeling that this company is anti-women. There was a debate between the people between the people and the husband-wife.

Actually, the company had argued on the website that ‘noses are between women and men, because their brains differ in terms of structure, circuit and signals. Even though women and men get similar information, but the responses to them are different. Seeing the growing debate, the company not only removed the suggestion on the website, but also apologized by saying that we must accept. The company also changed some sections on the website.

The meaning of things told by the company

  • Japan’s sweetest company, Izaki Glico, recently launched an app called Koppe. In it titled ‘Mother’s Feelings for the Father’, eight of those potential patterns were mentioned, when the wife is upset. He was then uploaded to the website for the husbands.
  • The app claims that when a woman says, ‘There is no point in living with us now’, she really wants to ask, ‘what do you think about me?’ Likewise, when a wife says doing any work, ‘It is very difficult’, she really wants to say, ‘I am doing what you should praise.’
  • There was a lot of criticism of the app on social media. A critic criticized the company that the company believes that there is no need to take women seriously. It is enough to just show sympathy or gratitude to them. This is to ignore women.

Find Out Office Problems to Avoid Wife’s Questions

  • Men in the app have been advised that whenever the wife asks, ‘What is more important to you, your job or your family’ then the men should apologize, saying, ‘Sorry, because of you, you feel lonely is.’
  • Men in the app have also been advised to change the topic to avoid the questions of the wife and start referring to problems in your office.

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