PUBG Game, Dangerous More Than Drug, It Can offset the 10th-12th Result: Student Association

Keeping in view the board examinations of the 10th-12th Class, the Jammu and Kashmir Students’ Association has demanded a ban on PGGS. According to media reports, the student association has met with Governor Satyapal Malik to demand a ban on Pajji game at the earliest. Student Association says that due to this game the result of children of class 10th and 12th can worsen, so it should be banned.

Pubg game is more dangerous than drugs
Abrar Ahmed Butt, President of Jammu and Kashmir Student Union, said that he would be playing the game of the future. At the same time, the Association’s Vice President Rafiq Maqudumi described this game as being more dangerous than drugs. Talking to the local media, Rafiq said, “We should immediately put a ban on PB, because it is affecting the performance of children of class 10th and 12th standard.” He said, “The addiction of this game is more dangerous than drug addiction, because nowadays youths are busy in mobile 24 hours and nothing more than playing pubg.”

The state has already got a demand for banning the PUBG

Earlier in Jammu and Kashmir there has been a demand for banning pajji games on several occasions. Last week, a physical trainer lost his mental balance due to playing PB for 10 consecutive days, after which the local people had demanded banning the game. In Jammu and Kashmir, six cases have been brought to harm themselves due to the game of PUBG, while many parts of the country have been demanding the ban on PUBG many times.

Playing a game is also a mental illness

Last year, the World Health Organization (WHO) has added addiction to game addiction to the category of mental illness, which has been named ‘Gaming Disorder’. According to the shut-down clinic, 60 percent of those who have a tech addiction play games. 20 percent of porn sites are the visitors. In the remaining 20 per cent, there are social media, Whatsapp etc. patients.

Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma, a doctor of the Shut (Health for Services) Health Clinic, says that due to sports play, control of self is ending. Play games and keep playing. Life has remained the same activity. They say that there is also information about losses due to playing games, but despite that you play.

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