BMW 5 Series facelift will be the first car equipped with Apple Car-Key, the doors of the car will open as soon as the phone touches

BMW has partnered with Apple for virtual car-key functions in its cars and SUVs. In the event held on Monday, Apple introduced its Apple Car-Key feature. With the help of this feature, the car can be unlocked without physical-key. It works via NFC chip. BMW will first introduce this function in its facelift 5 Series sedan. BMW will market it as BMW Digital-Key in its vehicles.

What is a virtual car?

  • A virtual key is a digital key that unlocks the vehicle with the help of an NFC chip on the user’s phone. Currently, this feature is available in a few vehicles globally, for the first time in Apple devices. BMW already offers this technology for Android-based devices in some models, though this is the first time the system is being made available to Apple device users.

What is apple car key and how does it work?

  • At Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) starting on Monday, the company introduced Apple Car-Key as a new feature of the iOS14 iPhone operating system. Which will be released in the coming months. This feature will also work in the updated iOS 13.
  • The Apple car key first introduced in the BMW model is built on the iPhone’s UWB U1 chip. According to Apple, this will allow all car manufacturers to locate near the vehicle, whether the vehicle is kept in the owner’s purse or in the bag.
  • To unlock their vehicle, the user must hold an NFC-equipped Apple device such as an iPhone or Apple Watch next to the vehicle’s NFC reader panel, which is usually mounted on the door handle.
  • After this the system will confirm the request to unlock the vehicle through Face ID or Touch ID to unlock the vehicle. This entire process takes place rapidly through ‘express mode’.
  • Vehicle owners can quickly create a copy of this virtual-key and share it with their five family members with the help of iMessageto, so that they too can unlock the car without a physical key.
  • When entering the car, the user will have to place their Apple device on the wireless charger panel of the car, after which the car will start when the car’s ignition button is pressed.
  • BMW says that the system will work even when the user’s iPhone battery runs out. Depending on the model of the device, Apple Car-Key will work for several hours. However, the feature will only work once the device is turned back on if the user wants to switch off the device manually.

Which car and SUV will the Apple car-key work?

  • The Apple Car-Key will be first seen in the soon-to-be-launched BMW 5 Series sedan in the market and it is expected in the future that the technology will also be seen in other BMW cars and SUVs sold globally.

Will this technology come to India?

  • Whether or not this technology will come to India has not been confirmed yet but it is expected that this technology may come with the BMW 5 Series in India. Which can be launched by next year.

What new features will be available in Apple Car Play from iOS14?

  • At the same event, Apple also announced that Apple will be able to add custom wallpaper to Apple Car Play on iOS 14, information about electric car charging stations in Maps, parking details, fast-food take-out apps.
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