There are a lot of people who still think the wrong myth about Electric cars, which is not quite right

The ‘Auto Expo 2020’ ended this week showed more than one electric car. This is a start and companies are trying to make electric cars available in India at a price less than a million rupees. Carmakers are preparing vigorously, but the beliefs that are in the minds of Indian drivers are wrong.

1. Difficult to charge
Companies are busy arranging their chargers. As these cars sell, the charging stations will increase. A situation like a petrol pump cannot be ruled out in a few years. The charging station can also be easily prepared at home.

2. Not too fast
It is taking some time for these cars to reach the speed of zero to 100, but let us tell you that the fastest car in the world is an electric car named ‘Pininfarina Batista’. It touches 100 kilometers in less than two seconds. Technology is changing rapidly and it is also increasing the speed of electric cars.

3. Move less on a charge
On average, these cars are easily traveling 250 to 400 kilometers on a single charge. Suddenly fixed trips and short-range charging are not a problem for a long time as the makers are working to increase this range. Some models of Tesla are traveling up to 500 km.

4. Are quite expensive
The price of electric cars is rapidly decreasing. In India, the attempt to provide them at a very low price was seen in Auto Exo itself. Most electric cars worldwide are priced below 22 lakh rupees. After some time it can be claimed that India has a huge range of the cheapest electric cars in the world.

5. Not long-time guests
These cars will reduce carbon emissions immensely. In every way, companies are trying to make them ‘take care of the environment’. Now a car like ‘Fisker Ocean’ has also come, which is made of recycled plastic obtained from the sea and also has a full-length solar roof. Companies have gone ahead in extending battery life.

Also know

  • The International Energy Agency estimates that around 20 million electric cars will be on the road by 2030 worldwide.
  • Makers like Porsche, Lexus, BMW are at the forefront of making them beautiful.
  • Ford and GM are expected to power the trucks as well.
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