A 3D device created which would generate electricity during snowfall

The snowfall season often brings troubles, but researchers from the University of California at Los Angeles have claimed to make such a 3D device, which will generate electricity during the snowfall. The device is made of silicon sheets. Electricity can be generated by the exchange of electrons in the way the system has been invented.

In the winter season 30% of the Earth is covered with ice

  • In winter, approximately 30% of the Earth’s surface is covered with snow. During this time everyday work also becomes difficult. In such a situation, this invention will be a gift for the people. The problem of going to power in heavy snowfall can also be solved.
  • University researcher Richard Kaner has written in the journal Nano Energy that the device is capable of working in the remote area too. It does not need a battery to run Because of the silicone it has its own power. This device is small and thin. Its size is similar to a plastic sheet. It will be easily taken anywhere with you.

Named the triobillectric nanogenerator

  • According to Kaner, “It is a smart device. Like the weather station, it can tell how much ice is falling and what is its direction? Apart from this, the speed of the wind will be able to measure. It has been named as a triolectric nanogenerator. “

The device will work

  • The scientist says that the electrons exchange will allow stable electricity to be generated. Stable electricity is formed when two such things come in contact with each other, one of which has the ability to take electron and give it in the other.
  • There is a positive energy in the snow. It has the ability to provide an electron. While silicon has negative energy. When ice falling from the sky comes in contact with silicon surface, then the exchange of electrons produces energy. The device transforms this energy into electricity.
  • Sources say that in the initial phase, the use of aluminum and teflon sheets was taken in the initial stage, but scientists felt that the capacity for energy production in Silicon was much higher than that.

Solar panels can also be used

  • Scientists say that the presence of snow decreases the sunlight. In this case, solar panels are also useless. 3D devices can also be used in solar panels. Through this it can get constant power.
  • With the monitoring of winter sports from the device the performance of the athlete can be improved. Signals can also be sent through this. It can be ascertained by the particular state.

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