Alarm band will prevent incidents like rape, they will reach families only after clicking on it in Emergency alert

21-year-old student Beatrice Carvalho has created a band to save women from rape incidents. After such a situation, women can send information to friends and family from a click. This band has been linked to the mobile app.

The band will give security to women who are out late
Beatrice had made it for the college’s project, whose goal was to give protection to women, especially to those who remain outside home till late. The issue of women’s safety is a big issue for the Beatriz victims of physical abuse at an extremely early age.

Does this work

  • According to Beatrizes, before late at night, you can download your favorite friends or relatives to the Nexus app. In the event of an emergency, click on the band twice. By doing this, the color of the band will change and the alert will be run on the app in the mobile phone of the family.
  • Beatrice says such incidents are more in festivals or nightclubs. According to UK Live Music statistics, in one such place in every three, owners have not made any policy regarding sexual heritage.
  • According to the University of Leeds, most of the cases of rape and physical abuse cannot be found because the victim becomes very upset and feels that people will not believe in the incident.
  • In England, at the age of 16, a girl is victims of physical abuse in every five. Claims that sexual harassment can be stopped with the help of the band.

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