SpiderCam will be the first to use for the momentum of the players on every angle

SpiderCam will be used for coverage for the first time in the 2019 Cricket World Cup starting in England from May 1. There are 32 cameras for coverage of every match. In addition to the eight ultra-motion Hawk-Eye cameras, the front and reverse view stumps camera will also be used. ICC will also broadcast live telecast of all the 10 warmup matches for the first time. Will also show 360 degree replay for the first time. For the visuals of all the venues, the use of a drone camera and chaired camera will be used.

What happens to SpiderCam?

The airplane camera is used on the playground. This camera covers the other end from one end of the ground with the help of a thin wire. This camera gives us the Fujits of many angles, such as up, down, away, pass, size. All this happens with the help of SpiderCam Unit. That is, this whole unit is called SpiderCam, the camera can be used in any of the units. The fun of watching matches from Fujat of this camera increases manifold. Spiderkam has been used in football for a long time. Now it is used in many games like hockey, cricket, volleyball, tennis, baseball. This unit is prepared from 5 items.

Control station

A control station is built on a field to operate SpiderCam. Its minimum length is 10 feet and the minimum width is 8 feet. The unit used in this control station weighs about 120 kilograms. The required power supply for the unit is 110VAC-230VAC, 16A, 50 / 60Hz.


There should not be any obstacle between the witch and the pulley cable. Its dimension is 148cm x 88cm x 87cm and weighing 315 kilograms. Security barriers are used to give protection to the winters. It is also taken care that they are away from the public area.


There should not be any obstruction between pulley and dolly with pulley and pistachios. Diameter of the pulley mounting plate is 30cm x 30cm, weighing 5 kilograms. During the regular operation, the maximum load of the pulley is up to 120 kg.


There should be no barrier in the flying area. That is, there should not be any other cable, any kind of construction or big screen. Overall, it is setup in No Fly zone. That is, where the public sits, or any other area where ever the camera falls down, nobody gets hurt.


Vintage and control stations are interconnected with the help of fiber cable. It is hung from four wires. These are made of cableber which are so thin to see that they are not easily seen. Their diameter is 0.5 centimeters, but the whole system of SpiderCom weighs 30 to 35 kilograms hangs on it easily. These cableber are tied to the ground terrace or pillar. If cable or floodlide pillar does not get strengthened, then the work is done by putting the pillar temporarily.

How does Spidercam work?

Four of the four kalarars used in SpiderCam are fiber optic cables, with the help of which transmission is done. The camera receives signals from a cable, which makes things like zooming, moving the camera or other settings. At the same time, the second cable is used to send the signal out.

The speed of moving the camera is 30 to 40 kilometers per hour. For this reason, gyroscope technology is used in this. For this reason, even after such a fast movement, the camera keeps itself stabilized.

You can set the camera on a fixed pattern. That is, the camera will automatically cover all ends at a fixed time and will give photos of those angles. As the bowler runs to the ball, the camera starts to go up and the shot becomes bigger. It covers both vertical and horizontal angles.

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