52.11 crores spent on the security of Mark Zuckerberg, just about 2.21 crores on Tim Cook

Tech companies spend lakhs and crores of rupees to protect their patents and intellectual property, but more than that, companies spend more on personal security of their top executives. Wired has published a report by gathering data from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, according to which, Facebook is the front runner in spending on the security of its CEO in the year 2018. In 2017, Facebook spent $ 7.3 million (about Rs 52.11 crore) on the security of CEO and chairman Mark Zuckerberg, while spending 2.6 million dollars (about 19.11 million rupees) on the security of the company’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg.

5 years ago spent 17 million on Zuckerberg
Wired’s report says that 5 years ago, in 2013, Mark Zuckerberg’s security used to cost $ 2.6 million (about 17 million rupees), while today the expenditure has gone up to three times. At the same time, in a meeting of investors last year, Facebook had said that it is preparing to spend more than Rs 70 crore annually on the security of Mark Zuckerberg.

Tim Cook spent just 2.21 crores on security
According to Wired’s report, Apple Company spent just 3.10 million dollars (Curry 2.21 million rupees) in 2017 to protect Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, while Google CEO Sundar Pichai has spent $ 6.37 million (about 4.53 million) in 2017 Crore). 11.38 crores for security of Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos and security of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison also cost Rs 11.42 crores.

CompanyPostNameSpent in ₹
FcaebookCEO, Chairman Mark Zuckerberg.52.11 Cr.
FacebookCEO Sheryl Sandberg19.11 Cr.
OracleCEOLarry Ellison11.42 Cr.
AmazonCEOJeff Bezos11.38 Cr.
AppleCEOTIM Cook2.21 Cr.
GoogleCEOSunder Pichai4.53 Cr.
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