Google will bring on-demand ECG features for SmartWatch, Study on Test Watch

After Apple, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, can now make health-related features a part of their products. Verily, the Health Division of the company, recently received a clearance of FDA 510 (K) for its on-demand ECG feature in its SmartWatch. This Study Watch was announced two years ago.

The company will use Study Watch as a testing platform for this feature. According to the report of The Verge, with the help of these devices, the company is researching that health-related data can be collected on different devices. The ECG feature was already added to this SmartWatch, but it was not cleared from the FDA.

This feature has now become common in many devices and the FDA’s clearance device is not related to the Class 2 devices deal, but the FDA has given it permission because it is safe to use. Alphabet’s Study Watch is a prescription-only tool and not every consumer can buy it.

At present, for testing this ECG Watch, they will be used to record, store, transfer and display a single channel rhyme. After this, this feature can be added to other wearable devices. Let’s say before that Apple has started giving ECG sensor in its Series 4 Smartwatch.

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