American scientist claims to be able to increase thinking ability by thinking of smart chip

Soon people will be able to understand the ability of thinking and understanding. Scientists are developing such high-tech chip that can be implanted in the brain. Smart Chip Brain will work like a computer. It is making Northwestern University neuroscientist Dr. Moron Cerf. The goal of Dr. Moron Cerf is to improve human thinking.

US Army to Control Drain and Cyber ​​Systems

  • Dr. Moron came up with a idea of ​​making chip when Allen Musk had talked about developing a brain computer. He says that the chip connected to the brain will be connected to the Internet and the questions asked will be immediately answered. The chip is being worked to make even better.
  • Dr Moron says that at present people are taking a lot of time to learn how to get things. But is there something such that eating food can make the brain faster? We have created a hi-tech chip for this. It will also be possible to use it in the coming years. But there can also be a gap of knowledge among societies in the population.
  • Dr Moron says that some time ago Pentagon Research had created a robotic arm that reduces the distance between human and machine. Smart Brain Chips can be completed in the next five years. America’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is also increasing interest in this area to enhance the capability of the jawans.
  • The agency created a team for its N3 program in July. The task of the army team was to send and send information to the waves of the brain. With the help of this technique, the military crew will be able to control the drones and cyber-defense systems.
  • It is worth mentioning that the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has launched a Targeted Neuroplasty Training Program. The aim of which is to increase its learning skills by using the military’s nervous system.
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